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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Adrian Del Maestro Northeast
Aaron Jezghani Campus Champions
Andrew Pasquale At-Large, Campus Champions
Bala Desinghu CAREERS
Brian Gregor Northeast, Campus Champions
Brett Milash RMACC
Kevin Bryan Campus Champions
Carrie Brown Great Plains
Christopher Bl… Campus Champions
Cody Stevens
Carrie Brown CAREERS
David Oury Northeast
Davide Del Vento Campus Champions
George Young CAREERS
Ibrahim Sheikh CAREERS
Yu-Chieh Chi At-Large
James Deaton Campus Champions, Great Plains
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Jacob Pessin Northeast
Jason Wells
John Goodhue CAREERS, Northeast
Juan Vanegas Northeast
Jeffrey Weekley Campus Champions
Jason Yalim Campus Champions
Jacob Fosso Tande Campus Champions
Kali McLennan Campus Champions, Great Plains
Keri Toksu Northeast, Campus Champions
Katherine Nelson Campus Champions, CAREERS
Lakitha Wijeratne TRECIS
Thomas Langford Campus Champions, CAREERS
Lauren Hill-Beaton CAREERS
Martin Cuma RMACC
Michael Blackmon Campus Champions
Michael Kyle Campus Champions
Nicholas Danes Campus Champions, MINES
Nick Dusek Campus Champions
Mark Perri Campus Champions
Mike Renfro Campus Champions
Grant Scott Great Plains
Shawn Doughty Campus Champions, Northeast
Shane Sanders Campus Champions
Simon Delattre
Steve Spicklemire Campus Champions
Spencer Pruitt Northeast
Swabir Silayi Campus Champions
Shawn Sivy Campus Champions, CAREERS
Tyler Burkett Kentucky
Timothy Middelkoop Campus Champions
Wirawan Purwanto Campus Champions, Northeast
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On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

On-line Deep Learning Workshop August 24!

machine-learning, python     SWEETER Project Portal

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), the Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Data Science Institute at the University of Houston, the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science, the Texas A&M High Pe

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