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Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center


The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) has three principal objectives: fostering collaborative computationally intensive research, operation of a data center dedicated to research computing, and positive impact in the underserved community where the data center is located. The MGHPCC user community spans more that 20,000 faculty and students, more than dozen small and mid-sized institutions, and numerous cross-institutional research collaborations. The research computing (RC)-related goals and interests of the MGHPCC and its members can be viewed through three different lenses: (1) As employers, they recruit, retain, and develop RC talent. (2) As members of the RC community, they contribute to professionalization efforts organized by CaRCC, Campus Champions, US-RSE, and others. (3) As educational institutions, they contribute to development of experiential learning and formal education pathways for RC professionals such as the NSF-sponsored Northeast Cyberteam and CAREERS programs, ACCESS Support, and locally sponsored internship programs. They also host the ConnectCI community management platform and lead the ConnectCI Alliance and Ask.CI.